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  • Quote from Arth6415 link

    guess till now all volunteers gets the testcoin on the vm started and mining the testcoin...

    Where are we with this test today? Any news and next steps?

  • Well, no answer is also an answer - but I agree with cryptosolar, its a very very bad one.

  • Hi, Im now developer of the DEM, and we got a new development forum :-),
    we are working on that, and distribute new tasks, next week i can tell you more about that ;)
    we also work on a second block chain for checkpointing and more security for the DEM Network.

    by the way: We make the first donation to BUND, and force them to take DEM, but they wont do it right now, so we make the "first" BTC Donation to the BUND,…e34df94bf4918296e17c8926a

    and I provide a DEM Donation account for the BUND.

    DEM BUND Donation provided from Cryptosolar:


    If you got any questions, i will try to answer in English as good as i can :)

    totgesagte leben länger :)

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