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  • Hi mcbeanburger,

    thanks for your interest in eMark.

    There are several projects in development, even during Xmas: a mobile app, a new design, and a couple of things I don't yet know about. Most of those people are very enthusiastic and are being paid in eDEM already. There is even a hotel that takes eDEM.

    This is what I know. However, there are people here much longer involved that will be happy to tell you more... 8)

    I am still digesting the goose from Xmas eve, so there might be some delay...

    Have a good one!


  • Thanks for that Tacken!

    I think its an excellent idea naming a coin after a defunct fiat currency - it will create immediate interest. Having a plan will separate the boys from the men as coins can be created out of thin air.

    I am curious to know who is behind the coin, hopefully that will come out on the next version of the web site. A Venture Capitalist on the team would tell me the management are serious!

    Best wishes for 2014 to you Tacken, the DEM community and lastly to DEM itself.


  • mcbeanburger: you made a great point that made me sell out of my position in Emark.

    With 250,000 coins produced each week, this will quickly erode the value of the Emark. That is way too many coins.

    I was only looking at the current amount of coins and thought it was made to stay fairly small around a few million. However, it is not and there is no way the market can keep up with 250,000 new coins per week. The price already is starting to fall quickly.

    A better way to look at it is in less than 3 months the amount of E-marks will double!

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  • Hi Dred,

    quarter of a million is too many to sustain the recent rise. When DEM hit Cyrptsy, many were waiting to sell. I now think its a little oversold and started buying some. Is this the bottom - I can't say.

    Price action will depend on what happens to the development of the coin - successful coins are on the Chinese Exchanges (BTER.COM and That is where DEM needs to be.
    Apps are also important for ease of use.

    IMO DEM will need a venture capitalist to get the public behind the coin - its possible as I believe the Germans will get behind it, if they know about it. That takes advertising.

    Those are the kind of activities I would like to see happen with DEM.

  • Mcbeanburger,

    I see your point but It is unlikely a venture capitalist will come in and save this coin. It is too risky to bet on that when 250,000 coins are produced every week. I think this growth rate fooled a lot of people as most like me probably saw a low number of coins and didn't realize the coin was just released and thought it was just a coin with low growth rate.

    250,000 coins is such a large amount of coins. I wish I would have known about this growth rate as I would have sold at the peak on cryptsy also.

    What I think we will see is the value slowly drop back down as miners keep cashing out.

    Mcbeanburger, if you possibly know how to figure out what the average price of a alt-coin is based on how much miners can make, or if you compare the Emark mining profitability with other coins please let me know how the Emark compares with other coins.
    I guarantee you will see that the E-mark is still way overvalued compared to your average alt-coin right now. Miners will continue to mine the coin because there are so many until the value falls back down.

  • Quote from mcbeanburger link

    Thanks again. And thanks for bringing up that point about growth rate or 250,000 shares a week. I cashed out immediately after you mentioned that over 7,000 emarks and the price is slowly dropping as expected.

    Cashed out at around .00042 and you can buy this at .00034 now.

    You are correct this will head towards zero. As will most alt-coins. The Emark has an incredible growth rate and will have 55 billion coins down the road :o.

    Their growth rates are all just too high. When factoring growth rate in and with the amount of new alt-coins hitting the market every single day, its better to get out of most or better to run for the hills.

    You have to understand it took bitcoin years to get a high price and it had a low number of coins and was the only coin out there and it also had tens of thousands of buyers of the coin. How can you expect these alt-coins to hit any high price when there are so many different alt-coins, and so few buyers of each coin? Prices will never rise and only go down, especially when you have miners who continue to sell into the market for profit.

    I would say that the E-mark has maybe a couple of hundred buyers at the most.

    I am only looking at alt-coins now with very low growth rates or coins that are new generation.

    Anyway, I hope you didn't buy into this alt-coin.

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  • unfortunately I did buy some. this is going, as predicted, to zero.

    too many coins come out every week into a market that can't see the value. without a plan this is in effect just a pump and dump. if only the miners are profiting then this coin will die shortly.

    so message to those that created this coin - what are your plans for it? is it for miners or for the market?

  • We have to build a community around the coin, develop new ideas with the help of the community fund and spread the word. Maybe it's not that bad for the development of the coin that the inflation is high in the beginning. So we're not attractive for speculation. I will hold my coins and trust in members such as algenpfleger etc. So let the others sell, don't care and buy cheaper.

  • Hey guys. Obviously right now the value is pretty much down to nothing. Well, it's still twice of what it was four weeks ago, but I guess in Altcoinland that's not what people expect.
    Either way, I finished the design work for the new client on Monday and the design for the website overhaul on Tuesday and at the moment Robert is working to implement both. I put a lot of time into this project that I could otherwise use to earn Fiat, because I have trust in the concept and the other people who work on it with me.

    That doesn't mean that you should have the same trust - it's best to make your own judgement calls anyways. DeM was never intended to be a plaything for speculators and the rate at which coins are created reflects that. The goal is longterm, to make a viable, stable means of payment that doesn't reek of internet geekiness and that's attractive to the mainstream. So for us, the less speculation going on, the more peace we have to develop this thing properly, the better.

    And by the way, if you wanna get rid of your DeM, I'll gladly take them ;D

    eMark: NbowVtnP7PUjCC1ZxiEJXiNcT5yndtMpqd

  • Hi,

    Glad to hear you guys are working on it. It really needs some publicity though. Not having any speculation means who is going to buy your mined coin? It has to have some value to someone? As long as it isn't too volatile.

    I see someone dumped 10k and it dropped about 30%.

    How much you give for my coin then?

    BTW here is what I got back from so they are listening.


    RE: DEM Deautche E-Mark Coin‏

    Bter.comSupport ( to contacts 10/01/2014
    To: McBeanburger
    Picture of Bter.comSupport

    Thank you for your advice.
    From: mcbeanburger
    Subject: DEM Deautche E-Mark Coin
    Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2013 09:07:01 +0000


    请将此币形,这是现在在coinex,coinse cryptsy和。



    please consider this coin as it is now on Coinex, Cryptsy and Coinse.


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    doge coin - here's a quick lesson on how to market a coin. unless you have people like me interested in your coin you don't have a market and if no market then no point mining then die.

  • the community is discussing daily about the future of the DEM
    we have some decisions to take before we go out to look for popularity
    the actual exchange/merchandise is in thus not the most important topic...