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  • Hello, I wonder if the blockchain can be used for decentralized gambling?

    Is it possible to reprogram the wallet for this very simple example:

    (Going forward I am sure better more sophisticated ideas will evolve).

    A wallet address will presented to the user.

    The user will transfer the amount X (for example 100 DEM) to the Address.

    The game is based on rounds. Every round for example needs 11 Payments of 100 DEM.

    The system recognizes when a round begins and ends through counting the incoming payments as well as verifying the amount.

    If the user manages to be sending the 100 DEM as 11th person, then the amount of the ten previous users will be sent back to the address of the 11th user.

    The advantage that you can send a text through the DEM blockchain, can be used to inform the users of what is going on during the round.

    If I send 100 DEM and the Bot counts me as 5th user, it can return 1DEM with a text. Example: "Round 3456 - You are 5th of 11 - sorry not a winner!"

    The DEMs left over after transaction fees around 80 DEM will then be for the Operator of the Game.

    Different tables can be created:


    1st of 3

    1st of 100

    1st of 1000

    and also different payments can be used. 1000 DEM or 10.000 for high rollers.

    I am no programmer, so I will not be able to create this game. But I would appreciate if someone replied and we worked on this together.

    Displaying the information for this game on a website wouldn't be illegal. And operating this game would not be traceable I assume.

    What do you think?