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  • one assume there will be actions out of those "decisions" so months one would think.

    there's a balancing act between first to market and best of breed. be too late and the market will move on without you regardless how much better your product is.

  • too late for what?
    the coin dont expire...better think some days more for a good plan and go in action,instead of change every stuff all 2-3 weeks
    btc had no progress in the first 2 years..afterwards slowly grow up...2 years long 1-2 digit get the boost and acceptance

  • you think all alt coins are going to survive? most will die. crypto coins can be compared to the internet years ago. many internet companies appeared ... most failed.

    days or months? if development is required then months.

    bitcoin was alone with little or no competition for those two years - DEM now has loads. I can create a coin for 10 bucks. its down to product development and mass adaption (appeal).

    DOGE will survive as it has proper community. DEM so far only appears to have miners - as that is what it's chart is telling me. slow sell off as coins are mined.

  • to be honest:
    the stock market value of the DEM is not the most important topic for me personally..
    the people around the coin and their daily effort for this coin is the most important point for me...
    the guys here coming daily in their free time and bring some new ideas/solutions/actions...and that day for day since weeks...
    that makes me very optimistic that the DEM will survive surely the next years...i cant say it for all coins..

    if you want create a new coin for your one can hinder you...
    or you can decide to be a part of the community to build the DEM on a stable fundament...i would highly appreciated..

    and at least...the market price is the market is no panic while the market price for DEM going down...because we know that we can do somethings better for the future to bring the DEM on a stable way
    i would know where stays the DEM in january 2015 or january 2-5 years we will see that we take the right decisions for the DEM now on early 2014..

  • I'll say it again " its down to product development and mass adaption (appeal). "

    By product development I mean is getting people to know about it and get people to buy it and use it for trading for other goods. then it will be successful. if DEM produces some nice features but no one is interested then you can be assured that it will fail or those features will be adapted by other coins. that is my point.

    You have to go for both internal developments and mass awareness. If Doge coin doesn't maintain the appeal and have the features that people require it too will fail.

    My point about getting my own coin is that the barrier to getting a coin started is minimal - anyone can do it. So makes my coin better then yours? little. Successful coins will have mass appeal and features for use.

    DEM seems internally focused and its a small window for getting mass adaptation. You might think you have years but you don't.

    As for helping? Not sure I can but your welcome to Private Message me with what you want. Maybe by sharing what is being developed then I can offer outside option. I am technical but no on crypto.

  • we have several reasons why we dont appeal the crowd for dem..we promise nothing what we cant keep..we want take the time to think about changes 2-3 times before we do some action
    we dont throw out giveaways..dont try advertisment..dont try to reach the mass to buy the dem before we are not 100% sure that the DEM is ready...before you learn run, you have to crawl first...there is no other way

    what is the measurement for fail/success? the market price? if i buy for 4-5 btc some DEM on cryptsy and kick the price up make this the DEM successfull?
    i dont understand whats the point want read some big aims that we have the ultimate world solution with the DEM?we reach 1000 dollars in 12 months or 5000 dollars?
    i dont need compare DEM with DOGE...every community decide how his own coin to handle/market/push
    our actual decision is to bring the DEM on a stabile technical fundament

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  • I think this is exactly the right approach. Let people invest in BTC, Doge and such, meanwhile develop a strong eMark, that can live up to the standards a currency should have. Starting locally/national sounds smart, to build a solid ground.

    But I still think it would be better to just call it eMark(EMK) and let it take whatever direction it wants. Since Mark is from the German dictionary, that shouldn't make it feel less 'personal' to the German population. (In contrast to DEM)

    My 2 cents,

    Greetings from Sweden

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  • "think about changes 2-3 times"

    what are the changes you are debating? If this is a community shouldn't you share them? This is why I started this thread. I still don't any clue where this coin is going.

    I think I have already stated what my notion of success is. mass adaption and commerce.

    I mention DOGE only that they have got their coin out there and people are buying and selling it. next for them is commerce.

    If DEM isn't traded very much the exchanges will take it off. Then no one can trade it. As I mentioned already there is a balance between functionality and usage. Too much of one and not enough of the other and the product (coin) will fail.

  • we have 2 main topics
    1. we ask the question make it sense to find a technical solution for a "miner-income-fee" to the DEM crowdfund
    it is we discuss about how

    2. the actual DEM design looks not stable enough for the future (20billion cap)..we collect ideas which parameters make sense..
    we setup a new testcoin to challenge the questions what we have now...and collect also ideas

  • ok 2. sounds like the community is questioning the original design principles. Hmmm. Can DEM be changed to reduce the total mined coin? or does it require an restart (new coin).

    This second point tells me maybe why the coin has under performed.

  • you can change all parameters..but what makes sense what not?
    i dont want support changes because the actual stock market values is going down/high..i would support changes what brings the DEM long term on a stable way

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  • at the moment too many coins are coming out to support the requirement to have them. that issue could change when a promotion starts or adaption by the business community.

    not in the best interest right now to do nothing jmo.

    I don't understand the first question "miner-income-fee". Can you provide more details?

  • "miner-income-fee" is a fix % of the generated coins to redirect automatically in the DEM crowdfund
    with this fund will the DEM-projects supported
    we decide a YES that we introduce a such "fee"... but the HOW is now under discussion

  • you know Arth - having thought about it for a bit. neither of those issues are blocking to getting the message out.

    far from it they are just minor issues to be resolved.

  • i agree fully
    but we are a community and we want listen to all active members to get a good shape at the end..

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  • decisions finalised?

    meanwhile the coin has lost another 50%. the community (= developers) will soon be the only ones interested.

  • we setup today the testcoin and share the results coming days
    the actual market price development is not influencing any decision..