Coin Development plans

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  • it definitely influences my decision of buying...


  • ...will the results be used to modify the new client? Or is this only a theoretical study.

  • we create now a 1to1 clone from dem... mine rnd abt 5- 10 mio coins..then begin with forking..
    editing pos..block creation time..transfer limit etc..
    i translate all related content asap to english for a clean overview for all members...

  • personally i like the idea of a low release of coins per block but have a significant total coin. that way there will always be some mining. but the rate of inflation is low.

    when you provide the translation can you also provide a timetable of when you think the changes will be completed?


  • Does that mean the dump/death of the original DEM?


  • @mc
    to be honest..if we decide some changes today...till arrangement with pools and exchanges takes a personal opinion is early summer

    there is no new coin..DEM stay as it is..
    we only want do some changes on DEM after we test the effects on a testcoin..thats all

  • suggest you scale in the changes as you have the tech to do so. 4 months is extreme imo.

    reduce the bleeding would be a good idea.

  • the changes need to be announced before they done and agreed with the pools and takes time till get all agreements..

  • not sure why you feel you need to get agreement with anyone. the exchanges will adapt as will the pools.

    there is the DEM Twitter account which I think has never been used. i doubt there are more then 12 organisations to be contacted.

    suggest someone starts twitting so people know what is coming then when the request to change comes it will be already be in peoples mind.

  • Quote from mcbeanburger link

    Hi Arth,

    can you advise us what has happened in the last 3 weeks?


    Hi Mcb

    the last 3 weeks we setup the testcoin and its running stable...i try to create a ubuntu-snapshot for volunteers who wants support the testphase


  • a ubuntu snapshot for vm-ware is created with the testcoin..
    volunteers are welcome...i will send the link via pm tonight out..
    basic linux understanding and active community support expected...