Mining until the end of POW.

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  • Hello,

    I am wondering how we can impact the growth of the price of the DEM. If the Price rises the DEM will draw attention and the community will grow as well.

    The growth of the community is needed for the success of the DEM.

    Currently there is not a large Hashrate out there. And I noticed during the spike of the price in the beginning of the year, that the Hashrate quickly went up.

    I believe the few people who are currently mining, are just filling up the inventory on the exchanges for low rates.

    I am wondering if a pool with the goal to save the DEM until the POW phase is over, could make the price go up.

    Everyone who signed up for the pool (name yet to be found) would agree to mine and receive the mined amount +staking amount in the future near to the end of the POW phase.

    Does this idea make sense?

  • Well,

    1. buy Hardware in a pool. For that you need a trustful person. The poolmembers pay their share in FIAT as well as the monthly electric costs.

    2. start mining

    3. payout the DeM to the poolmembers according their share.

    As long as the poolmembers do not sell their DeM you take off DeM from the market. For me it is interesting, as I could pay monthly in Fiat (apart of the initial investment). Main costs of investment in crypto are trading fees. To get from Fiat to crypto.

    Alternatively the pool might rent the hardware and there are only monthly costs.



  • I wrote this post to throw the idea out there for now.

    On a Private note, I am in the middle of purchasing a house and going to move. My financials will probably stabilize around tax return season in 2022.

    I am interested to get something started towards the end of the first Quarter 2022.