New wallet 2.0

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  • Hello

    Yesterday I noticed the inscription: Hardfork!!! Please use the new wallet 2.0

    I downloaded from the website

    This new version has been running all night and is not responding at all, looks dead.

    Thus, the synchronization process does not occur

    Balance 0

    Can someone please help me with this?



  • Help already or not yet?

  • ❗️ DEM 2.0 Update ❗️

    Das DEM 2.0 Windows Wallet steht zum Download zur Verfügung


    1) Download Wallet Version 2.0 .1

    DEM QT-Wallet - Windows

    2) Synchronisation

    3) Stop Wallet Version 2.0.1

    4) Kopiere die Datei wallet.dat aus dem eMark Ordner in den Ordner eMark-volume-2

    5) Kopiere die Datei eMark-qt.exe aus dem Download Ordner auf den Desktop

    6) Starte Wallet Version 2.0.1

    Falls das Wallet nicht automatisch synchronisiert:

    1) Gehe zu Hilfe - eMark Debug Fenster - Konsole

    2) addnode add eingeben

    Wo finde ich den eMark Ordner

    1) links unten auf das Windows Symbol klicken

    2) %appdata% eingeben

    :!: Wait a few minutes for the wallet to connect to the network

    Unzip and add this file (eMark.conf) to: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\eMark-volume-2

  • Hello ReksiteRu

    I am an ordinary user so it was not easy for me, but finally I managed it according to your instructions. Thank you for your help.

    Do I need to uninstall the original version or leave it as it is?


  • Hi, glad it helped! If everything works, leave it as is.